13th International Prague Patchwork Meeting 5 -7 April 2019

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List of Sellers

The list is being currently updated and should cover all the names of so far registrated sellers.

Summary of registered sellers

Name Country Website
STRIMA Czech sro. Czech Republic www.sicistroje-shop.cz
Pavel Haišman Czech Republic www.sicistroj.cz
Quilting 4You, R. Bügers Germany www.quilting4you.de
Ragos sro. Czech Republic www.ragos.cz
NEJ Šicí stroje Czech Republic www.nej-sici-stroje.cz
Pruhovaná fabrika Czech Republic www.fler.cz/pruhovana-fabrika
Vlněné sestry Czech Republic  www.VlneneSestry.cz
Andrea Votrubcová,Patchwork/Bernina centrum Czech Republic www.berninacentrum-av.cz
Dagmar Hulmáková Czech Republic www.hulmak.cz 
Lenka Seidlová Czech Republic www.atelieryasmin.webnode.cz
Látky ČERVENÝ sro. Czech Republic www.latky-cerveny.cz
Patchwork Star, Jana Dušková Czech Republic www.patchwork-star.cz
Šárka Petržílková Czech Republic www.latkysezviratky.cz
Šicí technika BROTHER sro. Czech Rebublic www.brother-czech.cz
Kreativní centrum BERNINA - Quilting Dana Czech Republic www.quiltingdana.cz
Idea - Creative Czech Republic www.idea-creative.cz
Kouzlo domova, J. Winklerová Czech Republic www.kouzlodomova.com
Zuzana Vávrová Czech Republic www.instatnipatchwork.cz
PATCHWORKOBCHOD Teplice Czech Republic www.patchworkobchod.cz
LIVIO fabrics Slovak Republic www.livio.sk
Modern Patchwork, K. Frappierová Slovak Republic www.modernpatchwork.sk 
Mgr. Šárka Jiřičná Czech Republic www.rooya.cz
patchwork-jitkie Czech Republic www.patchwork-jitkie.cz
Bargello Czech Republic www.bargello.cz 
La Marci sro. Czech Republic www.lamarci.cz
Magda Lišková Czech Republic www.fler.cz/lisak-ova
Postaráme se Czech Republic www.postaramese.cz
LA LINEA sro. Czech Republic www.lalinea.cz
Aranjyel Szociális Szövetkezet Hungary www.fairyquilt.hu
MIREILLE sro. Czech Republic www.patchworkcz.cz
Lada Charvátová - Bytový textil Czech Republic www.lada-bytovytextil.cz
5A Decoration.cz sro. Czech Republic www.poverpol-czech.cz
Látky MAROLI - O.Lešáková Czech Republic www.latkymaroli.cz
Hana Šlocarová Czech Republic www.slocarova.cz
SAI Czech Cotton Czech Republic  
MEZ Crafts Czech Republic sro. Czech Republic www.mezcrafts.com
VierMa.cz Czech Republic www.vierma.cz
KOH-I-NOOR a.s. Czech Republic www.waldes.cz
Látky Moda Czech Republic www.latkymoda.cz
Venda Kamená Czech Republic  www.vkpatchwork.estranky.cz
Ing. Ludmila Slobodianová  Czech Republic www.edukoplay.cz
Luxorta sro., Tvořivá ovečka Czech Republic www.tvoriva-ovecka.cz
TWINT sro. Czech Republic www.twint.cz
ART-MANIA.cz Czech Republic www.art-mania.cz
NEDOMOVA sro. Czech Republic www.nedomova.cz
Csokifolt Bt. Hungary www.csokifolt.com
Foltvilág Hungary www.foltvilag.hu
Šicí centrum Český patchwork R. Edlmanové Czech Republic www.ceskypatchwork.cz
Melme sro. Czech Republic www.raduha.eu
2 Kafky Czech Republic  www.dve-kafky.cz
Česká pojišťovna a.s. Czech Republic www.ceskapojistovna.cz
Metráž Violeta Czech Republic  



Opening hours

Friday April 5th 2019
12.00 – 19.00 exhibition, classes, shops

Saturday April 6th 2019
9.30 – 18.00 exhibition, classes, shops

Sunday April 9th 2019
9.30 – 16.30 exhibition, classes, shops

Entrance Fees

Basic 1 day entry - EUR 9

3 days entry - EUR 16

Children under 14 years - FREE

Patchwork Party on Vltava

Join us for the most favourite "workshop" on the Vltava river on Saturday, April 6th from 8 to 10 p.m.

Your ticket includes 2 hours cruise and a buffet style dinner (drinks are not included).

Price by payment until March 30th: EUR 30,- per person, on spot during the PPM EUR 32,- per person.

Booking contact: info@praguepatchworkmeeting.com



Malletova 1141
190 00 Prague 9

Show map

hotel step

Exhibition partners

  • Wellness Hotel Step
  • Bohemiapatchworkclub
  • Nadace Vize97
  • Bernina
  • Strima
  • Haisman2
  • Praha9
  • Nadelwelt
  • Epm
  • Cp
  • Epm
  • Art D
  • Latky Mraz New
  • Tapetujte
  • Ragos
  • Brother
  • Modern Patchwork
  • Prague City Tourism
  • Livio
  • Mestska Knihovna Praha
  • E Newspeak
  • Textileu
  • Baff
  • Aqh
  • Lalinea
  • Mez
  • NEDOMOVA sro.